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A huge majority of the games were broke or unplugged, and a lot of them were unknown games with Japanese on them. Tickets are environmentally friendly but slow and honestly detract from the fun. And the prize selection was horrible and all the redeem amounts were wrong, if you could find anything at all it may have been labeled tickets but cost , and they're all like well that happens a lot. Total crap hole not worth going or the money, he didn't even have fun. I'll take the drive to Providence! I'd been hearing about Round 1 for about a year before they opened, so I was excited to check the place out with my son age 7.

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This is Round 1's first location in the eastern part of the United States. This review will focus specifically on the arcade at Round 1 - there was a two-hour wait for bowling despite some of the lanes being empty, and I'm not sure where the snack bar or adult bar are located. If you come in via their exterior mall entrance near the movie theater, you basically walk into a sea of video games.

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Note to management: invest in some additional signage and maybe a security guard at the exterior entrance - there's nothing stopping people from taking their alcohol outside, or bringing their own drinks inside. The good part about the arcade: Tons of games.

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The bad: I'm not even sure where to start, but I'll try. The first thing you notice about Round 1's arcade are the ridiculous number of claw games. They're in the hall inside the mall, leading to the interior Round 1 entrance. They're just beyond the entrance, they're near the prize room, and they're right next to the line to buy a game card. They're everywhere Each claw game also has a photo attached to it, with a helpful tip about what prize is easiest to get.

Nice touch. The selection of non-claw games is superb; there are probably to of them, but who's counting? I had to wait in a line about 6 people deep to buy the card - not bad, but this should be more efficient. I've heard that there are vending machines that also sell the cards, but I couldn't find them - again, better signage is needed.

Harpoon Lagoon a video fish-catching game that rewards you with tickets costs 6 credits at Round With just 5 tries offered at Round 1, not only do you get a shorter game, you also win fewer tickets Today at Round 1, we played it for about three minutes and were done. The game wasn't nearly as exciting, and each play lasted about 30 seconds.

Skee Ball Round 1 has the "Ice Ball" version, and just two 'lanes' No fun for us. The game has a spinning wheel of cartoon monsters and ticket values, and two levers - one to start the wheel, one to stop it. Wherever the wheel lands, that's what you get - sometimes it's a monster which comes with a ticket value , sometimes it's just tickets. Sometimes it's nothing, but the machine is super-forgiving and usually rewards you with tickets anyway to keep you interested.

The goal is to collect "capture" all eleven monsters by re-swiping your card to continue the game after each spin. The wheel is big, the lights are fun, and the music and ghoulish-sounding narrator are awesome - the game really has personality and keeps you interested. The best part: You can usually win a ridiculous amount of tickets It's a 6-credit game at Round 1; if memory serves me correctly, it's 3.

Monster Hunt at Round 1 was a letdown, for two reasons. First, the sound was turned off. Second, we played six rounds, and captured exactly ZERO monsters. The game is called "Monster Hunt" Just tickets And if you're lucky, a jackpot prize of tickets. We won the jackpot prize of tickets on our third try. And here's when it became frustrating. Most Round 1 games, including this one, store your "tickets" on your game card. There are no real tickets. I understand why; it's environmentally friendly, they never have to re-stock the machines with tickets, and it saves them money.

Why it's frustrating: Every Round 1 game rewards your imaginary tickets at the same speed that it would take to print out the same number of tickets. I kid you not, we waited more than four minutes for Monster Hunt to do nothing except show our ticket winnings being added to our card, one by one. If you win tickets at ANY game, you have to wait for the game to finish dispensing your imaginary tickets before you can play again. Side note: While I'm all for the ticketless-to-save-money-and-trees arcade concept, I will say this: It's WAY more fun to play an arcade game that rewards real tickets.

So with tickets won after about 45 minutes at Round 1, we decided to check out the prize shop. Keep in mind that my son is 7 years old. Whether it's a ring pop, a rubber spider, a giant inflatable hammer, stuffed animal, crazy straw cup or mini basketball, it doesn't matter - he'll love it.

I kid you not, there was nothing in the Round 1 prize shop that impressed either one of us. The candy choices were like what you'd get from elderly neighbors at Halloween.

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For example, Dum-Dums lollipops and fun-size rolls of Smarties. They also had these weird Japanese snack foods you could choose and an assortment of kitchen utensils think mini-spatulas and meat thermometers. None of it was fun. I honestly felt swindled at that point No sporting goods, no coffee mugs, no t-shirts, no Round-1 branded keychains, pencils, or anything.

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There's no excuse for this other than the Round 1 corporation being greedy cheapskates. Five Below doesn't find it difficult to fill a space with cheap and fun things that people love, so why is it so hard for Round 1 to stock a prize shop with similar stuff? Needless to say, we left empty-handed because my kid thought the prizes were lame. That's pretty bad. If we go back, it'll be to spend down whatever credits are left on our card and hope that they have better prizes at some point.

When it comes to first impressions and delivering a fun guest experience, Round 1 really needs a Round 2. Very loud kids kind of dave and busters rip off. My husband and i decided to check it out because we like to bowl. There was a waiting list to bowl so we decided to play pool.

There was no service at the pool tables for food or drink. You had to go up to bar to get drinks which was a real nuisance. They never did call our name for bowling. We went on a different night and same thing waiting list for bowling.

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Finally they called our name and we were shocked to see they had self serve for bowling shoes. You are viewing current tauntonstore. For more about this website, and its current promotions connect with them on. Visit tauntonstore. Fine Cooking's Big Sale is on!

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