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Their website is very easy to navigate with pictures of the items. Nobody in the US beats scalehobbyist in terms of price, search engine and customer service in my experience. Well I'll be. I wonder why they didn't include a category for it?

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They're losing out on some business. When I have a model in mind to purchase I search all of those sites for the best price, including taxes and shipping costs. Ditto on scalehobbist. I've compare prices between them and most others and they usually turn out to be the cheapest.

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No sci-fi or space models though. I have purchased several from Ebay and got pretty decent deals some, I've probably paid too much for, but it was the only place I could find them. I've also used hobbylinc. Also shop around Ebay,bargains could be had,just watch shipping costs. Our community is FREE to join. To participate you must either login or register for an account. Login or Register. COM Enter keywords or a search phrase below: Search. Best Prices on Scale Models? Order Ascending Order Descending. Member since April, Posted by damouav on Monday, October 09, PM.

Member since January, Member since July, From: Philadelphia Pa. So, Buy some PE.

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Good Luck. Member since July, Posted by crazypat on Sunday, September 24, PM. Ebay and Amazon : What can I say. Ya gotta watch for that really good deal. Since I made over Hundred Purchases of printer ink, tools, supplies, clothing, books, Movies, and Models and accessories! A nd last, Polar Bear Production www. Try rollmodels. Member since February, Posted by king. And reviving an old post once more Calcium Phosphate Tribasic 4. Calcium Phosphate Dibasic 4.

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